Tuesday 1/5/2021


Tuesday 1/5/2021

Tuesday is a CrossFit.com named “girl” workout. It was posted for the last time last week, coupled with “Ingrid.” So, we will give “Grettel” a spin.

Quick observations: In CrossFit competition, I adhere to the Doomsday principle. If there is a hardest standard, that is the one I expect and train for. So Grettel says Burpees over the bar, which is not bar facing burpees, per se. It’s a little vague. But we will work to the most strict standard and have a legit time. If we find out somewhere down the road that lateral burpees are legit, we’ll let it rip and get faster times.

We’ll tackle Ingrid next week.

Distance learning and independent studies have created greater time for people to bond with their loved ones. This family played around with the hang clean this afternoon. Awesome job, Alexa and Monet!

Workout of the Day


10 rounds for time of:
3 Clean and Jerks 135/95
3 Burpees over the Bar