TTMJ: Supplement Recommendations


TTMJ: Supplement Recommendations

Supplement Recommendations from Talk to Me Johnny.  It seems like every time this website is updated, cialis 40mg I link the article.  Maybe because it’s always awesome and worth your time.  
This is Welbourn’s supplement program.  It’s simple, but extremely well thought out.


Please remember, proper nutrition creates the base of nearly every thing we do as humans.  You can’t supplement your way out of poor nutrition (Believe me, I used to try).  


I have experimented with everything on the list and then some.  I can’t say I have the same discipline as John, though.  I am extremely consistent with my fish oil (which he doesn’t mention) and whey protein (I agree 100% on his grass fed views – fewest ingredients wins).  I am not nearly as consistent in my creatine and BCAA intake.  At CFO, Louis is very consistent with BCAAs and creatine, and he’s a good person to ask about the benefits.  I had 2-3 very good training months with creatine earlier this year, but I fell off.  I have years of training with creatine.  I stopped taking vitamins years ago after reading about toxicity levels.


Supplementation is expensive, and you have to pay attention to your supply.  I tend to run out of creatine, then I just forget about it.  The same with BCAAs.


Also, if you have time, read the comments in the linked article.  John responds to many questions, even though some make him mad.  There is some talk of the politics/business practices of supplement companies.  Many of these companies seem to change over night, and a quality product can turn to junk very quickly.  John talks about this with All Pro Science (APS) in the comments.


Chance is inspired during Thursday night’s WOD.


Workout of the Day




5 sets of 2, 65% of 1RM

Rest 60 seconds after each set.

These are NOT touch and got reps.  Ensure proper set up for each rep.


Snatch Pulls

5 sets of 1

Load barbell at, near, or just above 1RM for the Snatch.

Rest 60 seconds after each pull




30 Doubleunders

15 Snatch 75/45

Rest 30 seconds after each round.  You must track your own rest.

Sub 10 DU attempts for 30 DU.