Throwin' Down Lalanne Fitness Style


Throwin' Down Lalanne Fitness Style

Thursday’s WOD comes from a CrossFit competition held a couple weeks ago at Lalanne Fitness in San Francisco.  Chris Lalanne is the grand-nephew of the famous fitness guru Jack Lalanne.  Chris has an immaculate gym and puts on great, side effects smooth competitions.  I haven’t competed a lot this year because of injuries, but now that I am getting healthy, I’m getting the itch.  Chris usually hold a January comp, and I might give that one a whirl.
We’ll be testing out WOD 1 from his most recent comp.  It looks GNARLY!  I would consider it moderately heavy (the jerks are heavy).  Scale as appropriate – meaning lower weight or even reps.  Keep your back flat – strong lumbar curve – during the high rep set of deadlifts!
As a note, in Chris’ comp, you needed to complete 1 round of this WOD to be able to move on as RX in the comp.  So if you take a spin RX, know what the even bigger standard/goal is.


Workout of the Day
Lalanne Fitness Throwdown WOD 1
40 Deadlift
30 Burpees
20 Shoulder to Overhead
10 Squat Clean
Men – 185, Ladies – 115

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