The same…but a little different


The same…but a little different

Thursday’s workout is version of the OTM we have been doing for the past month.  You have had a consistent opportunity to work on Double-unders, dosage Toes to Bar and being upside down.  Let’s see how you do without the built in rest.

The evolution of athletes position while upside down has been significant.  But that’s not the only improvement – Toes to Bar became an after thought as folks just ripped them off as part of the work.  On top of all that, dosage we did a TON of Double-unders, and if you didn’t do them, you got a chance to practice.  June, after years of CrossFit, did her first RX Double-under work out, and she said it was from the consistent Thursday work.


Joey P  killin’ it during Wednesday’s “Elizabeth”

Workout of the Day


50 Doubleunders

12 Toes to Bar

12 Handstand Pushups