The definition of "CrossFit Strong"


The definition of "CrossFit Strong"

CrossFit Strong by Freddy C of CrossFit One World.  I like how Freddy puts high end strength numbers in perspective.  I heard a similar story from Josh Everett about a weight lifter from the Olympic team who got out of breath walking up two flights of stairs.  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t want to be a power lifter or Olympic weightlifter.  But I do want to be strong.  I also want to be good, see and I mean really good, this site at gymnastics, running, rowing, hitting, catching and throwing a ball, shooting, climbing, jumping and more.  That requires a balance across the 10 general physical skills, although strength and power are arguably the most important.
It’s also good to see Freddy write this post.  I’ve met Freddy a few times, and I’ve been checking his site for years.  I know he favors strength in his training.  But here, he seems to admit that chasing pure strength does, in the long run, hinder fitness.
Being a CrossFitter obsessed with numbers, I really like Freddy’s CrossFit Strong numbers.  They provide an excellent goal for a male CrossFitter.  Aside from the Snatch (which I got) and the Deadlift (which I don’t), I am 35#s off every big lift.  I kind of think Snatch for men should be 225, but keep em round.  I’m ok with my #’s for now.  Ladies, what are your thoughts on his CrossFit strength benchmarks?

Louis being strong.
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New members – Front Squat
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400m Run
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  1. Shawn

    Those are good benchmarks by Freddie but you should snatch more than you can press IMO. So I agree the snatch goal shoudl be 225 if press is 200. Also, 200# press is crazy strong for leaner guys. I doubt half of the games participants can strict press that much weight.