Sweatshirts and T Shirts are in!


Sweatshirts and T Shirts are in!

CrossFit Oakdale had a great meeting on Wednesday night to get ready for the Open.  The first WOD posts on Wednesday, pilule and 6:30pm on Wednesday will be a Open session.  Sunday, viagra sale March 10 will be the first “organized” Open session, unhealthy time TBD (probably 1p).  We will use Mindbody to put heats together once we determine how long the WODs are.  You will need to sign up for heats.  Heats will be first come, first serve.
Please remember, if you are planning on doing the WODs at a non specified time, you will need to organize your own judge.  Also, please be respectful of any classes that are going on if you are tackling the Open WOD.  The ongoing class will have the priority on equipment, space and the clock.  We want everyone to maximize their performances, but not at the cost of other people’s workouts.  Work together, support each other and have fun.
As discussed, during the Open season, we will have Open gym sessions on Sunday – likely 1-4p.

Limited sizes are available...They are going quick - T-shirts are also available.

Limited sizes are available…They are going quick – T-shirts are also available.

Workout of the Day
High Bar Back Squat
3 sets of 5
Use 70% of 1RM.  Focus on speed from the bottom.  Don’t be afraid to introduce your butt to your calves!
10 Overhead Squats 135/95
50 Doubleunders