We are excited to announce that we have registered as a gym with SugarWOD. It is so cool:)

We will post the workouts and once you do them, you record your scores there! We will still be posting the WOD’s here too, but you will be able to easily go back to your account and check your scores. There is space to record all of your max lifts – and then it will tell you what percentage to use for lifting days. WHAAATTTT?!?!? It is amazing.

There are different tracks – it will default to Workout of the day. If you click on the arrow, you can choose Accessory Work, Kids and Teens. (The teens is not yet full) Make sure you check out the Accessory work for tomorrow.

If you allow notifications, you will get a quick message around 8pm when the workout is posted.

There are even coaches notes for us to tell you how the workout should be performed. Check out tonight’s WOD notes when you download!

Download the app!

Tomorrow’s Schedule –

8:30am ROMWOD Click Here to Join the Class!

3pm Kids and Teens Click Here to Join the Class!

Workout of the day

10 Rounds
Find an open area

100 M Sprint
Walk Back

Recommended Warm Up
Run 400m Easy
Perform the runs at 60-70-80%
Then do your 10 sprints
When you are done Run another 400
Don’t do this on concrete – find a park or grassy open area.

Accessory Work

5 sets of 10 Alternating Bird Dogs

Accumulate 3 minutes in a plank position

100 situps in the least amount of sets possible