Somethings that need to be mentioned


Somethings that need to be mentioned

Brian will be doing a Open rundown this week, find but before that even happens, we wanted you to know that June has qualified for the next level of the CrossFit Games for her age division – the Masters Online Regionals! 170th in the WORLD. The WORLD.  Great job June! We are excited to be along for the next leg of your journey. 
Denny completed 16.5 today…beyond the deadline, but exceptional non the less. His score was 10:48 RX. Gym record beyond a doubt. That would have put in 62nd place out of 11,000 Masters Men in the WORLD. THE WORLD. 
More to come but I just couldn’t keep that in. 



Workout of the Day


Power Snatch 75/55

Toes to Bar

Box Jump 24/20

20 minute cap