Top performers for 16.5


Chance 12:29, ed Brian 13:24, help Paul G 13:35


Sarah 12:35, Gina 16:03, Alison 17:37

CFO OG Paul G makes his first appearance on the top 3!  Imagine if he worked out with us!

Sarah continued to dominate, but look out for Gina!  Gina took second in the gym on the final two (and the most gut churning) workouts of the Open. 

Now, I have to mention that Denny didn’t get in the workout on time due to Easter travel, but threw down a CFO record of 10:48 in the back corner of the gym on Tuesday.  That is world class!  Imagine how fast you would have gone if BMB was yelling “DOWN!!!” on every rep?

Another major shout out to June, who not only qualified for the next level of the CrossFit Games, but did so by putting up a world class score on 16.5.

The Master’s Qualifier takes place beginning on April 21.  I will be “auditing” these WODs in between a Chris Stapleton concert.


Workout of the Day

30 Seconds of Handstand Pushups for OTM 10

30 seconds of Burpees for OTM 10

30 Seconds of Medicine Ball Clean (20/14) for OTM 10

Lets score as total number of reps for each movement.  So your score would look like 77 (HSPU)/101 (Burpee)/118 (MBC)