Somethin' Somethin' About The Open

By Coach Sarah
This will be my 3rd year participating in the open, and boy do I have regrets for not starting sooner.  And here’s why…
 I think we can all agree that we all, on some level, hate sucking at stuff.  In the Open there is no doubt that you’ll be given movement, if not movementS, that are either super challenging for you, that you despise, or that you haven’t been able to complete yet.  Here lies the beauty.  In the open…
You do the absolute best at that movement(S) then you ever have been able to do and it will fill you with such joy, confidence and accomplishment. You are in the middle of the movement(S) you despise and somehow, someway, you find a way to love it- maybe because you know it is making you better and it will fill you with such joy, confidence and accomplishment.  Lastly, you approach the movement(S) you’ve never done before and with everyone rallying behind you, and the extra courage/energy of what the open brings- you do it!- your first one!- and it will fill you with such joy, confidence, and accomplishment…. or you don’t do it and it will fill you with drive, and determination for a whole year to check it off of your “goals” list.
I have grown as an athlete and as a strong (more so mentally) person through a short period of time doing the open. I’ve got legit goals inside the gym and outside of the gym because I have found that whatever I set my focus on, I can achieve.  Accomplishing goals through the open has proven that, and has reinforced it. So just sign up already!
Workout of the Day
Muscle Up Transition Work
10 Rounds For Time
12 Box Jumps
12 Toes to bar
If you can easily handle the Toes to Bar, sub 4 Bar Muscle Ups