Sarah's Somethin' Somethin' "Holy Fragon!"

  This might be a totally “duh” statement… but my mobility poses are gonna look different then yours- guaranteed. No better, no worse,> but DIFFERENT! I feel the need to reiterate this because it seems some get discouraged working mobility practices due to their stretches or poses looking different and they assume it’s because they are completely inflexible.  Or even worse, they stop the practice because in order to do the stretch like the person next to them, they are in pain for 4 freaking minutes… Who the heck wants to continue to do something that puts them through crying fits?!-benchmark Crossfit workouts aside.  I’ve picked up a couple of tips, or things to think about, along the way in my mobility journey through ROMWOD (a programmed mobility workout; Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day).
First and foremost, enjoy the journey. You are doing mobility work to improve yourself, not beat yourself up more!  Use this time to be in the moment, an act that we rarely get the opportunity to exercise.  Sink into your pose or your stretch passively and with a love for yourself.  Do not force your body to stretch further when it’s not ready- you’ll get to that full depth soon enough; maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but a stretch or pose in full depth will happen and since you’re ENJOYING this journey, allowing it to take some time won’t hurt.
Second, and lastly, it shouldn’t hurt! Now I’m not saying that when ROMWOD tells me to get situated in a Fragon pose (half Frog half Dragon) for 4 minutes I feel like a bowl of sunshine and rainbows. *side note, I feel like a freaking unicorn after*  It’s tough and uncomfortable- mentally and physically- but it never hurts.  This is why being present, in the moment, really helps; you’re able to sensor yourself for negative pain.  If every time you stretch, or do a particular stretch or pose- you feel pain, rather then never doing it again, ask the question “where should this stretch/pose be felt”.  I find that if I’m experiencing pain in a pose, it’s because I’m trying to make my pose look exactly like the other guy who’s doing it- bad idea. Dude next to me might be a long limbed freak(no offense to you vertically blessed people) and I got my short everythangs trying to do the same- no way! Instead, I approach the poses with the idea of what I’m targeting, PASSIVELY sink into it while staying PRESENT in the moment and focusing on those specific areas while AVOIDING any pain.  I sure have enjoyed doing mobility almost everyday, and hope you can use some of these tips to help incorporate it more into your daily life as well. And that’s all I have to say about that… for now.

Workout of the Day
Gymnastics Strength/Skill
Handstand Work
30 second on/30 second off
If you are strong with the HS, attempt to do a negative lower.
OTM 30 
30 Seconds of Work/30 Seconds of Rest – For Reps
Min 1-10 Row for Calories
Min 11-20 High Box Jump (Rec 30/24)
Min 21-30 Burpees
For the High Box Jump, please make every attempt to jump – even a little.  If you are not used to jumping to the box, jump to something low and step down.  Keep your heart rate low and get comfortable jumping.  The other stuff is work, work, work.