Ready for Anything!

Ready for Anything. If I have a fitness “philosophy”, seek this is it. I’m not really worried about being the strongest (it would be nice) or the fastest (that be cool, too). What I really want, for me and the athletes of CFO, is to feel PREPARED. It just so happens that CrossFit gets you the most prepared for life. As a grown up, I don’t want physical limitations holding me back from enjoying life. I love the idea of being able to, in a moments notice, jump on a softball team, go kayaking, run a 5k, chase kids around, whatever. For those of us with jobs that require physical activity, this readiness becomes essential, sometimes for out survival, or the survival of others.
I check out a lot of CrossFit sites, and I really am digging Outlaw CrossFit. These guys are PREPARED. I see a lot of similarities from the way Rudy Nielson programs workouts, and the way I do. I love the way they break stuff down, trying to account for every detail. Check out their FAQs for more details and thoughts on getting ready. Last week, Rudy broke down how to set up your weights and use your collars for the snatch WOD. Preparation!
I love that they unabashedly believe that Games programming gets the best out of their athletes, whether competitive or not. That doesn’t mean every WOD has to be a soul-crusher: exactly the opposite. Each WOD should MEAN something. Each WOD is meant to test different strengths and weaknesses, and should cause the athlete to contemplate EVERYTHING they are going to go through: physically, mentally and even emotionally. I totally understand if you are just looking to get your sweat on. But I also really dig watching CFO athletes put in the work to get better. Watching athletes, whether you are participating in the Games or not, work on perfecting T2B or box jump technique energizes me to no end.
It pains me to admit that I was the kind of student that blew off studying, and thought B’s were cool. The only thing I think is cool now is feeling prepared.
Please click here for the link on Outlaw Strategy 12.3 video. 
Getting prepared is cool!

Workout of the Day
9am Bring a Friend WOD
We’ll see who comes, and adjust to fitness/experience levels. Expect Push Press, Box Jumps and a core/grip move (K2E, T2B).
CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.3
Let’s go Team CFO!

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