Rack it up


Rack it up

Ok folks, something a little bit different today – a 25 foot barbell front rack walking lunge. Here’s how we do it it.

Stand at the end of the 25 foot line. Clean the barbell up to the shoulder, and in the front rack, perform your lunges across the 5 lines, just like you would in any lunge workout.

This will be score BY LOAD. So, your score will be your best 25 foot unbroken walking lunge. We will give you 20 minutes to find your best score. Do a set, take a break, add a little weight, do another set, keep building. I would estimate each athlete should do at least 5 heavy sets.

Some notes

This movement is a space pig. In all likelihood, no more than 3 athletes should be going at a time. That’s ok. Partner, or team up. Add weight and don’t cross the streams.

The weight usually makes you either tight rope (don’t) or extend you steps (really don’t). Expect your steps to get slightly shorter. If you normally complete a pass in 7 steps, expect the heavier sets to take 8.

Workout of the Day


Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes

25 foot barbell front rack walking lunge

Build to a heavy walk in 20 minutes