Quals, Quals, Quals


Quals, Quals, Quals

I promise I am going to write Fran 8 wrap up! It’s coming…

In the meantime, Sanctionals are coming up. It would be a hard thing to keep up with all the online qualifiers that are out there, but if you see good workouts, pass them to a coach. Jess and Alison both passed me cool workouts from WZA quals – make sure to give Shannon a BIG Hi-five as she is competing in those.

I’m sure they will start coming in fast and furious, and we won’t be able to too them all. But tough triplets and couplets make fit people and fun times.

Friday is “ONLY” 10 minutes. It comes from CrossFit.com, and it will require a through warm up.

Workout of the Day


10 Clean and Jerks

10 Front Squats

Gals – 95, Guys – 135