Precision Nutrition coming to CrossFit Oakdale


Precision Nutrition coming to CrossFit Oakdale

For the past few weeks I, Alison, (your fearless leader – comment by Brian) have been participating in a nutrition program through Precision Nutrition. Every stage of our lives has something going on. Maybe we are newly married, maybe we just had a baby, maybe our kids are off to college or we just got a new job. Transitions are everywhere. Transitions tend to make us go off track – emotionally, physically, nutritionally. Our focus might no be on being healthy or staying healthy. That’s ok. Sometime we need to deal with our moments.

If we stay off track, it is much harder to get back. Your train might have veered off into the woods and it is dark in there. It might be too easy to skip the gym, have another cocktail or get food on the outside.

I could keep going with more analogies about spiraling out of control, or cloudy days and rain, but I want to be more direct. If you need some help getting back on track, please check out this program. Small changes and daily refreshers will keep you mindful about what you are doing and what you are eating. These small habits that become big ones will lead to changes in body composition, reduction in stressors and anxiety, and finding moments of joy.

This is NOT a nutrition challenge – it is coaching. It is not a 30 day commitment, it is a 6-12 month commitment. The program is $159 a month for 6 months and 10% off a month for a 12 month commitment. With a 12 month commitment you are receiving daily health coaching for around $35 a week.

We have a group starting together on July 15th.

Please ask any and all questions that come up. I am really excited about the changes that have come my way in just a few weeks.

Check out the info HERE!

Workout of the Day


Alternating OTM12

7 Strict Pullups

7 Dips


Tabata Thrusters


On the odd rounds, rest in the bottom of the squat. On the even rounds rest in the overhead position of the thruster. This is “only” a 4 minute workout. My challenge is to never put the bar down.