Post 20


Post 20

Incredible work across the last 2 months on the 20 rep back squat. What does the 20 rep do? Does it build strength? Yes. Does it build mental toughness? Oh hell yes. More than anything, it builds confidence – if you can squat 250 pounds 20 times, you know for sure that that you have the juice in your legs to lift it. Any clean, and snatch, you have the leg power to get out of the hole.

So, what’s next? We will test our 1RM for the back squat, front squat and deadlift. We will enter a deadlift progression for the next 2-3 months – you know you can stand up with heavy weight. Next we will build on getting it off the floor.

Workout of the Day

Parking Lot Run
Row 250/200m
Handstand Walk across your box (12 feet)