Pick a team.


Pick a team.

Time to decide! Are you Team Kettlebell Swings or Team Lunges? Whichever team you pick, you will perform max effort reps for the next three weeks. The total reps per team will be divided by the amount of team members. Winners get to be honored in a team portrait to be hung on the walls of CrossFit Oakdale, that will last in perpetuity. Each member will also receive a certificate to choose ALL of the music for one class session. Challenge is Free for unlimited members, $10 all other athletes.

Kettlebell swings- lowest weight must be only 1 weight lighter than what you would use in a workout. All swing styles accepted, but height must hit eye level or above. Snatches are acceptable, clean & jerks are not. 

Lunges – may be weighted or body weight, alternating, backwards, forwards, whatever you desire. BUT knee MUST gently kiss the ground, and hips MUST be fully extended at the top of the movement. 

Every Social Media Post tagging @crossfitoakdale earns 5 bonus points for your team. One post per day. 

Starting Date Thursday, 4/7/22 ends Wednesday 4/27/22. You may register at any time. Text 209-345-4380 your name and which team you want to be on.