Pardon the Interruption


Pardon the Interruption

I’m taking a break from the Open recap to discuss the programming for the week.  We will working to a heavy, help or max effort single, remedy on the Deadlift Wednesday and the Back Squat on Friday.

Following both efforts – the workout will be the same – you can choose between a 2 thousand meter row or to run the TL Davis loop for time twice.  If you come in Wednesday and you run, capsule on Friday you should row, or vice versa.

If the idea of either of these workouts seem terrible to you, you probably need to come in.

If you have never done a 2k row, it’s probably the easiest thing you can do in CrossFit.  I’m totally lying.  For pacing – most guys can hold a 2:00 per 500m pace, most ladies can hold a 2:15 per 500m.  Almost every second under that set pace has a different feel to it.  1:50/2:10 feel pretty gassy, 1:45/2:05, and anything below 1:40/2:00 probably feel like you are rowing for your life while you are on fire.

Generally, to pace a 2k time trial, you want to start out pretty fast, between 85-90% for the first 500m.  Middle 1k you should give back the pace slightly only to empty the tank for the last 500m.

The pacing for the run should be similar.  Lift heavy then go fast!


Workout of the Day



In 25 minutes, build to a max effort Deadlift.


Run TL Davis 2 times or

Row 2k