Open House Wednesday Night 7:30pm


Open House Wednesday Night 7:30pm

I am an idiot and I should not be allowed to have a blog.  There should be some kind of school, symptoms or licensing or accreditation process for bloggers.  Maybe I was sniffing too much paint during the move.
The Open House in scheduled for WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 7:30pm, more about not Tuesday.  I’m sorry.  I am blaming Alison, as she is supposed to correct my mistakes.

J-Melo  at the Franniversary

J-Melo at the Franniversary

Workout of the Day
Week 6 of the Cube
1 set of 8, 75% of 1RM
Take at least 10, more like 15 minutes to warm up to this weight.  Use sets of 3 to get there.  Only perform one set of 8 reps – your game weight.
5 Pullups
7 Burpees
Rest 3
Perform this cycle 3 total times (it’s a total of 9 minutes of work).  Pick up later rounds where you left off.  If you are good at pullups and burpees your pace should be somewhere between “suicide by exercise” or “melt your face off with intensity.”  If possible, use a counter.  If you are screwing with chips you are moving TOO SLOW.