Open 21.1


Open 21.1

I literally laughed out loud when I read this workout.  I doubt anyone in the world guessed wall walks would be in the workout, much less guessed the entire workout.

Wall walks?!?!  They’re a scaled movement, right?

This is the beauty of the Open – we all got thrown a huge curve ball.

Now, “easy” part first – doubleunders.  We got em!  We do a ton of them, and we’ve been doing huge DU workouts weekly for the last 2-3 months.  We just did one Tuesday. We are primed.

Now – wall walks.  Make no mistake – these are gonna be hard.  Your shoulders and triceps are gonna burn.  This is gonna start on the sets of probably 6, but definitely 9.  A no rep will be costly – don’t rush into another rep, especially with this standard.

Most important – review and understand the standard!  This is gonna be ticky-tack and will punish sloppy movement.  We do a ton of handstand stuff – holds, walks, kicks, presses and more.  We always emphasize being active through the shoulders.  That is gonna be very important.

I would guess the way down will.  Basic idea – hands on tape- feet leave the floor – hands to touch the 10″ tape- hands move back to touch the shoulder tape- feet to the floor. So really – Hands in place- Feet Go- hands in place walk back-hands in place. Ensure your hands are in place before you move your feet – UP or DOWN.

Scaled workouts include partial wall climb and lateral hops. Foundations bear crawls and jumping jacks.

Text 209-345-4380 to get on the heat schedule for Saturday. Though you know if you show up your are working out anyway, right?

For time:

• 1 wall walk
• 10 double-unders
• 3 wall walks
• 30 double-unders
• 6 wall walks
• 60 double-unders
• 9 wall walks
• 90 double-unders
• 15 wall walks
• 150 double-unders
• 21 wall walks
• 210 double-unders

Time cap: 15 min.