Old School Challenge


Old School Challenge

Seeing as how the old school world of CrossFit is on rocky ground, let’s do some old school shit.

The Overhead Squat and the Thruster, to me, are the true Crossfit movements. At some point, the test was 15 reps of the Overhead Squat at bodyweight. If your squat is good, you still need great flexibility and the stability to hold that bar overhead.

If you don’t have a great squat, life will be harder.

And for 15 reps, whew! Be ready for lactic acid to creep up quickly, and when the world starts swaying, dig in. If you have Oly shoes – wear em!

Warm up with sets of 3 and 5s. When you get close to target number, maybe try a rep or 2 at your goal weight. The first could of reps should feel great.

There will be a hidden conditioning workout. Shhh

Workout of the Day

Overhead Squat

Establish a 15 rep max