No Hook! No Foot!


No Hook! No Foot!

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I have tweaked the Snatch complex slightly.  For the first lift, more about the Pause Snatch, perform this from the ground.  For the second lift, the No Hook No Foot Snatch, perform this from the hang.

Also, you may drop the bar to the ground as long as you quickly reset, pick the bar up into a hanging, No Hook, No Foot, position and perform your second lift.

Another note on the No Hook, No Foot.  If you are relatively new to Snatching, this may not be a helpful lift.  If you are still trying to connect your mind to the task at hand – moving the bar from the ground to an overhead position in a beautiful, efficient pull – taking your feet out of the equation may not be needed.  Just perform a Hang Snatch.  If I had to put a number on it, think about the No Hook, No Foot if you have been doing CrossFit for more than 6 months or you can Snatch your bodyweight  (men) or 2/3 bodyweight for ladies.

Everyone will benefit from the Pause Snatch.  It’s all about keeping the bar close.  Do it.


Workout of the Day


Pause Snatch Complex

Pause Snatch – No Hook, No Foot Snatch (from the Hang)

Build to a working weight and perform 5 sets


45 Deadlift 275/185

45 Bar Facing Burpees