New Year's Eve Schedule


New Year's Eve Schedule

There will only be 1 class at 9am today.  Open gym from 10a-12p.
A few scaling options for todays WOD.
100 Burpees – do them.  Go slow if you have to.  5 minutes is blazing fast to do 100. That’s 20 a minute.  Try to find a pace – 15-16 a minute is pretty good.  10 a minute should be manageable – even if you do 10, this web rest the rest of the minute, this you should get through in less than 10 minutes.
A quick note on burpees.  You will be fresh, so be careful going out too hot.  If 20 is a good number for you, but you open with 24 in the first minute because you can, you will pay for it later.  The same is try if 16 is your pace number.  If you open with 20, doing 16s late will be tough.
200 Doubleunders – if you are decent at doubleunders – do them.  Even in smaller sets, chip away.  If you don’t have DU, do backwards singles, or singles 1 for 1.
800m run – run, row, just move fast for the 800m – approximately 4-5 minutes.
With a 16 minute cap and being conservative, a pretty fit person should do 100 burpees in 6:30, 200 DU by 9:00 (3:30 for 200 – it can be done in 2 minutes), 800m run by 14:00 (that’s a 5:00 minute 800m – sub 4:00 is pretty easy when fresh). That will give you approximately 2 minutes to do as many MU as possible.  If you can do 1 Muscleup, you should attempt Muscleups here.  See how they feel when fatigued.
If you cannot do MU, grab a dumbbell.  It should be heavy, but not so heavy that you cannot move it at will.  I recommend 45/35, but be smart.  

5:30am  It is chilly in there…but they keep moving!

5:30am It is chilly in there…but they keep moving!

Workout of the Day
With a 16 minute cap
100 Burpees
200 Doubleunders
800m run
In the remaining time complete as many Muscleups as possible
If you cannot do Muscleups, do 1 arm DB Snatch.