New Year's Eve & "Bulger"


New Year's Eve & "Bulger"

Tuesday is New Year’s Eve, mind and we’ll do a Hero WOD – “Bulger” – which is dedicated to Canadian solider Nicolas Bulger.  I’ve never done it, advice but it looks tough – a tough pull, symptoms a squat, a tough push, and a mono structural component with running – that’s everything and the kitchen sink.  And it’s long!

We’ll have a 30 minute cap.WOD starts at 9am, I would highly recommend using the scaling option I have provided if tacking the full Bulger seems daunting.  


Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve! See you next year.

Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve! We expect to see you back at it, and kicking’ butt in 2014!

Workout of the Day


10 RFT

Parking Lot Run

7 Chest to Bar Pullups

7 Front Squats 135/95

7 Handstand Pushups

Scaled Version

10 RFT

Parking Lot Run

7 Jumping Pullups

7 Goblet Squats Blue/Yellow

11 Pushups

30 minute cap