New Year's Day Century Club


New Year's Day Century Club

We will be open for 1 class on New Year’s Day, at high noon. There will be 1 workout: 100 rounds – 1 Thruster, 2 Pullups and 3 Burpees. For RX, the weight is 95/65, advanced is 135/95. Advanced will also do C2B Pullups.  At the high end, I think this will take 2 hours.

This is not a Hero workout, or for the Open, or anything other than yourself. And make no mistake – this is a serious challenge.

Why do we challenge ourselves? Simply, because we can. We live in the wealthiest, most free country in the world. The world is generally safer than it ever has been. And I know we can argue these statements – I think that is basically my point – we have the time to argue about how great our lives are. We basically have everything we need at our fingertips. You can have groceries delivered to your door in an hour. The greatest works of literature, film, music and art are available at the press of a button. You don’t have to go to France to see the Mona Lisa. In fact, you can look at everything Da Vinci ever drew on your phone. You can fly to New York in 6 hours, to Australia, the Arctic or India in less than a day. You can listen to every piece of music Beethoven or the Beatles ever wrote without ever getting off your couch.

Yes, we work hard, but generally, our next meal, a roof over our head, or getting killed by a wild animal are no longer things we need to worry about.

Performing a nasty physical challenge – doing it just because it can be done, just to show you can still assert your physical will, for the sheer joy of it, and doing it with other people looking for the same, is the reason Alison and I, and our coaches, love coming to CrossFit Oakdale.

If the whole thing is too daunting, you come and do a part of the workout – 20 rounds, or 30 rounds or 30 minutes – somewhere, there is the kind of person that is looking to dig down deep. Just because you are scaling the time, weight or intensity doesn’t not mean you are not worthy. In fact, I would argue that the person that is thinking – how fast can I go? is not challenging themselves as much as the person asking – can I even do this?

Please join us for joy of human endurance.

Workout of the Day

100 Rounds

1 Thruster

2 Pullups

3 Burpees