Need a "Space Mountain" t-shirt? We GOT'EM!


Need a "Space Mountain" t-shirt? We GOT'EM!

Space Mountain Regionals T-shirts are IN! If you didn’t preorder, approved there may be extra ones that say Regionals, viagra 40mg if not there are DEFINITELY regular Space Mountain Shirts that just say CrossFit Oakdale on the back.$24 for men’s t’s and $22 for the tanks. If you want me to leave your shirts at the gym I will, or I will take them to San Jose- Let me know.
No classes Friday or Saturday. Regular Schedule on Thursday – No Kids classes. Kids and Teens move to morning session next week. Kids from 10:30am-11am and Teens from 11am-11:45am.

Michele B during "Kevin's Climb"

Michele B during “Kevin’s Climb”

Workout of the Day
Hang Squat Snatch
Take 10 minutes to warm up to a heavy weight.
Perform 5 Heavy Snatches – 1 every 90 seconds. 
If the weight feels good and snappy you may build through this. Once the 5 reps are complete drop the weight and perform 1 rep, drop the weight again and perform 1 perfect rep. You will have completed a total of 7  Hang Squat Snatches, 1 every 90 seconds. 
3 Kettlebell Snatch Left Hand 53/35
3 Kettlebell Snatch Right Hand
12 Box Jump and Overs 24/20