Moving fast…


Moving fast…

Just a conditioning WOD planned for Tuesday.  Wednesday will be squatting, online both front and back.  I don’t have a rack (yet) so both lifts will need to be pulled from the floor.  That means Cleans too.  Fun!   The squat metcon for Wednesday looks GNARLY.  Thursday will be a rest day, viagra 40mg as we’ll be at the committee meeting for the new location.
Workout of the Day
10 Hand Release Pushups
20 Air Squats
30 Doubleunders
15 minute cap.  If you can’t finish in 15 minutes, post reps completed.

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  1. louis

    Oops i read the wod wrong i thought it said 10 hspu 20 hand realese pushups 30 air squats. No wonder it was a pain in the arse. Hi jimmy