Max out continues until morale improves


Max out continues until morale improves

***Gymnastics Class with Jess at 6:30pm***

We will continue to test our 1 rep maxes this week, into next. We will focus on the Olympic lifts next week.

The lifts are important, but I also want you to know your max effort for all kinds of stuff. What is your best set of wall balls, pullups, doubleunders, toes to bar, 500m row, 2k row? We will continue to test stuff like that, but it takes a little bit of strategy.

Workout of the Day


Overhead Squat

Build to a heavy is single in 20 minutes. This lift will force you to lift from behind your neck – you may even get to PR your behind the neck shoulder to overhead in order to overhead squat.


Max effort set of pullups, any style

In 20 minutes, find your max set of pullups. If your number is less than 5, perform as many strict body pulls as possible.

This will be done with a 20 minute time cap. During the time, accumulate as much time as possible in a plank hold. You get three attempts.