Long Drives and Easy Listening


Long Drives and Easy Listening

I spend a good amount of time the car. I have done the Fresno back and forth probably 30 times this years. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes podcasts, sometimes audiobooks. I gotta change it up and keep it fresh. JRE or a Stephen King book can be great, until they aren’t.

I’ve been meditating daily for nearly 5 years now. Sometimes I just turn the sound off, listen to the road and follow the breath. Feel the feet on the floor, butt in seat. Hands on the wheel. Groove.

Yesterday, I found the meditative story podcast. It is a podcast, but it adds small elements of mindfulness throughout; introducing aspects like following your breath, being with your senses or body, awareness of your surroundings and other gentle moments teaching meditation techniques. My favorite by far was astronomer Michelle Thaller. Favorite, like I listend to it 3 times. But if you find another cool one, please share.

Workout of the Day

Milo OTM 10

3 Power Cleans OTM – add 5-10 from last week

Front Squat

Build to a heavy single