Let me explain


Let me explain

Heavy Days…

5 sets of 3. 7 sets of 1. If you look at this and think, YES! this post may not be for you.

If you see these numbers and think, shoot, I’m gonna need to run 5 miles to get real work out. This post is for you. In fact, this workout is for YOU.

We got away from just heavy days for a lot of reasons. But I think we begged from Peter to pay Paul. First, if you are very strong, it takes a bit of time to “build to a heavy single.” If maybe you’re not very strong, and you know the workout is going to be tough, you may hold back on the strength portion to save something for the workout.

There is a big difference between doing one heavy set and 5. Your central nervous system gets straight jacked from several heavy sets. That first one fires up the system, but the whole thing compounds after each set.

We have also used percentages over the years. I think folks became very comfortable lifting at 80 to 90%. There is a huge difference between a 90% effort and a 100% effort. Huge. For each one of these days, for each one of these lifts, if you don’t see a percentage, try to lift a much weight as possible. Do it safely, before your position breaks down. But go as heavy as possible. Take the warm up serious, build as heavy as you can, and do heavy sets. If you can add weight, do it. Think of each set as the time to pour every ounce of effort of the day into that set.

For example – tomorrow. You will do a set of 5, then a set of 1. Go heavy on the set of 5. Then add weight and do a heavy single. Then drop the weight, maybe adding from your first set of 5, and go for it. Then, add for that heavy single. Then, do the whole thing again.

Workout of the Day

Front Squat