Last lifts! Then fast lifts


Last lifts! Then fast lifts

Friday marks the final day of our shoulder press and deadlift cycle. We will continue our back squat cycle – until it kills us…

Next week, we will test our 5RM and 2RM for the press and the deadlift. The week after, we will flip it, and test the 5RM for the deadlift and the 2RM for the press.

As we move from these progressions and into a women’s olympic lifting open, we will focus on the fast lifts. The snatch is gymnastics with a barbell and significant time with the lift has so many benefits. More on this in the coming weeks.

As an observation, the athletes at the CrossFit Games with the highest reported snatches have won basically all the CrossFit Games. When Rich won them, he thad the biggest snatch, or really close to the top. Same with Mat. Tia Toomey the best snatcher among the women, closely followed, if not surpassed by Sara Sigmundsdottir. That’s like 8 Games podiums for the 2 ladies. Is the best CrossFit athlete the best at snatching the barbell? Kind of.

No other lift predicts elite fitness more than the snatch.

Workout of the Day


5 sets 5, 75%



60 Doubleunder

12 Handstand pushups

15 minute cap