Just a heads up


Just a heads up

The following is something that is absolutely necessary for the future of our great community – our gym rates have recently been adjusted to reflect the value of our current services and to make room for more great things coming your way.

Your current rate will stay the same as long as your account is in good standing. Membership holds are for a minimum of 1 month up to a total of 3 months. If your account becomes inactive due to a failed autopay, you will go up to the new rate. New rates are at a $10 increase to the current rates. We also only offer unlimited memberships as we now offer more classes AND have added ROMWOD into the schedule.

Punch are still available, but will have a 2 month expiration date on them. You can buy 4 Classes for $60, 8 Classes for $112 and 12 Classes for $156. These are great solutions if you will not be attending as often as you would like.

Our new rates will allow us to provide all of you, and future members, with the same great level of service as well as lots of new amenities, such as upgrades to the 3 bathrooms and more equipment.

Thank you for bringing the excitement and energy into the gym! We look forward to continuing to make it a great place to grow our community, become strong and create healthy lifestyle habits!

Workout of the Day

2 Rounds for Time of:

25m Handstand Walk

25 Burpees

2 Rounds for Time of:

25 Power Cleans 135/95

25 Bar Facing Burpees

2 Rounds for Time of:

25 Pullups – chest to bar

25 Burpees to touch

Rest 5 minutes between workouts.