Thursday’s workout is a 20 minute EMOM. Please post your lowest and your highest lift. In each minute, you will be required to perform 20 doubleunders then 1 clean. The clean may performed with any style. The stimulus we are looking for is for you to ramp up the weight as the workout begins. You should actually start the workout fairly quickly after entering your square, and add weight after each lift.

Keep 2 5s and 2 10s handy, because these will be easy adds as you build your barbell. Ideally, you will start with something simple, like 135/85, and add weight as you get warm and your central nervous system gets fired up.

Please record your starting weight and your highest lift.

If you can do all 20 DU, you will receive and RX. If you can’t do DU, do 30 singles, but this portion shouldn’t take longer than 15 seconds.

Workout of the Day


20 Doubleunders

1 Clean, Any style

Record your starting weight and best lift.