It is the little things.


It is the little things.

With COVID happening, out retreat to the Facebook group and all “speakeasy life” I am not sure how many people read this. (LOL this is Alison so be prepared.)

I just spent the evening with my kids, talking about “how are you doing? No seriously. How are you DOING?” in life, in school, in whatever. There is no precedent. There is no baseline. For kids and teachers alike in California, everyone is moving forward, taking that gentle step, trying to see if it is stable.

FYI: If you know a teacher, thank them. I would say hug, but you know, Corona.

We talked about how different life is. We also talked about how you can’t make perceptions on what you thought was going to happen. So, if you are a freshman in high school, while you want to say this is much harder than high school, do you really know? And at this point, does it really matter?

“THIS” is what we are presented with right now. We are on fire, we are at home, we are wearing masks and sanitizing our hands into oblivion. It is how we move forward, how we greet each step – we may not be in control, we probably don’t agree, we won’t like it. How do we adapt?

I had the greatest pleasure of my coaching life this evening. In once class, I watched 2 people who adapted, adventured and changed their ability since they have started CrossFit. These two people jumped lines or onto 25# plates as a way to train to get better. BOTH of these people jumped over barbells this evening.

It was gigantic.

Congratulations to Mike C. and Mike F. for bringing the jump today. I am so proud of the both of you!

Workout of the Day

10 RFT
35 Doubleunders
12′ Handstand Walk