Into the Zone! Challenge


Into the Zone! Challenge

We talked about the Zone diet this evening: how to choose foods, how to create Zone blocked meals and snacks, and the importance of weighing and measuring of food. I left a bunch of print outs on the front desk.

If you are interested in joining us for the challenge, make sure you get signed up with Alison.

With the challenge, we will be spending 6 weeks together, within a google document sharing and supporting. Points will be earned for the following:

15 points to set your daily block goal (must be confirmed by Brian, Denny or Alison)


1 point for every Zone meal eaten (up to 3 points per day)

1 point for every Zone snack eaten (up to 2 points per day)

1 point for every Zone meal or snack that is weighed/measured out (up to 5 points per day)

Subtract 3 points for every meal/snack that is not properly zone blocked.

YOU will be weighed in and measured at some point over the week/weekend so we have a jumping off point.

Our google document will be accessible to all of the people in the challenge, and you will be able to see what others are eating and get ideas from that. A community food extravaganza if you will.

We will be checking in on you regularly, so ask all questions whenever you need to. After two weeks, we will have a quick informal check in, face to face, to see how things are going and if we need to adjust your blocks.

Our Challenge will have a $50 buy in. It will begin March 16th through April 26th.

Workout of the Day


Heavy Clean and Jerk




20 Double Unders

Then Burpees until :50