Holiday Schedule and Prep for 2020


Holiday Schedule and Prep for 2020

2020 is right around the corner. You may or may not have completed your 2019 goal. You may want to get even better – did you get one muscle up? maybe chaining them together and busting out 3 muscle ups is on the plate for 2020. Maybe you thought hmmm.. “never realized a pistol was going to mess with my game….” maybe that is a goal for 2020. In any case, start thinking about what 2020 movement will be for you. If you completed your goal in 2019, take a picture by the board and tag us in it!

Holiday Schedule: Kids and Teens classes will resume 1/7/20

Monday 12/23 – regular schedule

Tuesday 12/24 – 9am ONLY No RomWOD or Open Gym

I am having a naming issue. This workout has 3 “death by” – I wanted to call it “Lazarus,” but it may be “The Dead Don’t Die.”

Wednesday 12/25 – Closed and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday 12/26 – NO 6:30pm No RomWOD

Friday 12/27 and Saturday 12/28 – regular schedule

Sunday 12/29 Closed – if you do active recovery, take a picture and let us know!

Monday 12/30 No 3:30pm or 6:30pm No RomWOD

Tuesday 12/31 9am ONLY No RomWOD or Open Gym

Wednesday 1/1 12pm ONLY No RomWOD

Thursday 1/2 No RomWOD or Open Gym All other classes are regularly scheduled.

Workout of the Day

Back Squat

Build to a heavy triple in 20



Calorie Row

Wallball Shot 20/14