Hiking Tips!


Hiking Tips!

Just a refresher this is from the facebook event regarding the hike this weekend. Don’t forget to bring extra layers since it won’t be as warm as when we originally planned this 🙂

“Here is a list of some basic equipment Tim recommends:

Sun Protection: I do (still) recommend sunscreen

First Aid – a basic first aid kit would be good to have. I am one who has had to dip into my first aid kit a time or two.

WATER. I would recommend 1.5-2 L. If you have a Camelback, GREAT! but not necessary. Food- Protein/quest bars, trail mix and maybe some packets of applesauce.

Backpack – I recommend something small that can hold the above items.

Clothing – Long sleeves, pants, a hat and shoes with good traction. I recommend lightweight fabrics that breath well and allow you to move freely.

Optional items – hiking poles, toiletries (because when nature calls) and a camera to record your adventure. Bug spray

Workout of the Day

“The Chief”

5 3 minute rounds of

3 Power Clean 135/95

6 Pushups

9 Squats

1 minute rest between rounds

Pick up where you left off