Here Comes a Complex!


Here Comes a Complex!

Incredible numbers were put up on the CrossFit Total.  A big cheer for John L, health who broke the 1000 pound barrier 345/187/470.  Not close behind were strong men Matt, Nick G and Big Man Bob.  Melissa and Anna each put up near 700# totals with tons of PRs thrown in.  Rachelle had a 135# PR on her deadlift and at least 30# PR on the press. Anna, Joe, Sara H, Sarah L, Alexis and John each PR’ed every single lift, and of course, the Total.  That’s 24 PR’s among just 6 athletes.  Incredible!

A huge shout out to Coach Lou that has put together a strength plan that is both fun and extremely effective.


Workout of the Day


4 sets of the Complex

2 Power Snatch

2 Hang Snatch

2 Overhead Squat

Every attempt should be made to hang onto the bar.  But if you drop it, just pick it up and complete the set.  I would say 2 minutes rest between sets, and these are meant to be heavy across, so you may need 10 minutes to get warmed up.  For the warm up, 1 recommend a Power Snatch, a Hang Snatch, and an OHS.

The Hang Snatch portion is you choice – you can start from whichever position you choose – high to low hang, even below the knee if you need to work on that position.  You  may receive in an OHS, or do Hang Power Snatch.


50 Situps

50 Doubleunder

50 Situps

50 Walking Lunge Steps

50 Situps

50 Burpees

50 Situps