Some pretty good wallball efficiency tips from CrossFit Invictus.  Each one of these tips are things all our coaches have said over the years.  Just keep hammering the basics.

Thursday’s workout comes from CrossFit Mayhem.  But this mash of Karen and Grace deserves a name.  It’s kind of like a hamburger – the WB are the bun, approved and the Clean and Jerks are the meat.  Hamburger is boring, this but Hamburgler?  Now that’s fun!

For strategy here, order I would treat the first set of wallballs like a warm up.  Take smart sets of work with a set amount of rest.  This will depend on you, but sets like: 15 shots, rest for 10, 5 times or 7 sets of 10, plus an extra 5, each with 10 seconds of rest.  It depends on you as an athlete.  Unless you are an absolute wallball phenom.  If you can do more than 50 unbroken, even to start, I would recommend saving energy and doing sets of 20 or 25. You will be breathing hard, but you shouldn’t feel that lactic acid, burn-y feeling.  Yet.

Fast singles on the Clean and Jerks is probably going to feel best from the start.  If possible, opening with a big set is recommended, then settling into quick singles.  For most folks at CFO this weight is light enough that you won’t miss a lift, you just have to be quick about getting back on the bar.

Something tells me the first 15 will feel ok.  I bet things will get fun in the 20s.

Upon finishing the Clean and Jerks, it’s “gotta go” time.  No plan here is going to be effective.  Be aggressive, trust your fitness and get the work done as fast as you can.  

Workout of the Day


75 Wallball Shots 20/14

30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

75 Wallball Shots