Hail to the King!


Hail to the King!

They call the Clean and Jerk the “King of Lifts.” Why? Because it’s the most efficient way to put the most weight overhead at once? Because you need to be strong, fast, flexible and more to accomplish this task? Because it requires strong legs, pullers and pushers to accomplish this task? Yes, yes and yes.

It’s been awhile, but we test the clean and jerk max on Wednesday. Some thoughts.

We are going to give you 30 minutes to make the lift. Thats a lot of time. Take a good number of lighter lifts. Have a plan – I would say if you are expecting to hit 225, I would plan on 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215 and finally 225. That’s 11 lifts, of which 5 are pretty heavy.

If you think you are going to squat clean and split jerk (probably the most efficient technique) I would start with that technique, even though you can likely power clean and push jerk the light weight. Wire the movement!

If you are lifting really heavy, like over 250/150, you will likely need to be strategic about you heavy lifts. If you want to hit 250, but have never hit it, I suggest making a jump. I don’t think you should go like 225, then 235, then 245, then 250. It’s probably like 225, 240, then 250.

You get three chances at a weight.

Champions make the jerk. Every gold medal ever awarded has been handed to the lifter that made the last jerk. Many lifters hit a huge clean, and went home sad because they missed the jerk. Be prepared to make the lift.

Workout of the Day

Clean and Jerk

Build to a heavy single. Go for a PR!



6 Box Jump 30/24

1 Split Clean, left leg forward

1 Split Clean, right leg forward

Men – 155, Ladies – 100