An oldie but a goodie…


An oldie but a goodie…

Congratulations to all of the PR’s today. 30 minutes did you all good:)

We are reposting this because, it was just a great write-up. If you weren’t around in 2014 when we first posted it, you will definitely learn something new.

We’ve done today’s WOD,  “Jonesworthy” before.  It’s not a great Open prep – I don’t really think we’ll see KBS or air squat (well maybe air squats), and pull-ups will likely be chest to bar.  But every WOD doesn’t have to be a prep for something else, sometimes it just is what it is.  This one is tough conditioning and a grip smoker.

Jonesworthy appeared on in 2004 – it’s nearly 10 years old!  I’ve attached the comments page – some of the questions are funny, even if we hear the same ones 10 years later.  Like, “didn’t we just do this?” or “pullups again?”

Greg Glassman, whose comments handle was Coach, even posted Greg Amundson’s crazy time in the comments section. OG!

Not to get all sado-masochist-ey on you, but comment #49 has a quote from Mark Twight.  Twight opened Gym Jones and was a world class rock climber before falling in, then out, with CrossFit.  Twight went on to train to actors for 300 and Superman in Man of Steel. 

“Enjoy the suffering it’s what you signed up for.”

Workout of the Day


6 rounds for time of:
Squat 80-64-50-32-16-8 reps
1.5 pood Kettlebell swing 40-32-25-16-8-4 reps
Pull-ups 20-16-12-8-4-2 reps

Each round consists of a Squat, Kettlebell swing and Pull-up. The first round will be squat 80 reps, Kettlebell swing 40 reps, and Pull-up 20 reps.