Grab Bag

A few random thoughts…
Because of the Team Series Workouts, I’ve move the deadlift day up to Thursday.  I think the workouts will go: DU/C2B/Snatch/DU on Friday, WB/Clean on Saturday, Burpee/Thruster on Sunday and T2B/Row on Monday.
And now that I’m on the Team Series…a few of our recent workouts bear many things in common with the Team Series workouts.  I don’t feel like my programming parrots what’s coming out of HQ, except that it does.  I’m not copying Dave Castro, and I don’t think he’s copying me, but I do think we have the same muse.
As the WLC is ongoing, I know meditation is coming up.  For any of you that are planning on sitting quietly, I recommend the Headspace app to learn meditation.  I’ve bee doing it everyday for 2 and half years.  If you are regular Headspace user (Friends of Andy, unite), they have added a TON of new content in recent months.  For you competitive types, there is a whole Sports section that will take you more than 2 months to get through.
Most exciting, if you get excited about sitting in silence, Headspace has added a new daily meditation.  It’s there for 24 hours, and just like a thought, or a clue in the sky, it’s gone.  There are options for as short as 3 minutes and as long as 20.

Workout of the Day
Pause Deadlift
3 sets of 5, 50%
3 sets of 3, 60%
3 sets of 2, 65%
For the Pause, hold just below the knee for a solid 2 count.
11 Hang Powers Cleans 95/65
21 Situps