Gosh Darn It.


Gosh Darn It.

I am a transplant. I was a transplant? I am feeling pretty rooted right now. I have seen lots of negative attitudes on Facebook about Central Valley transplants. I am not from the Bay Area, but the East Coast. This year I have made a point to call this home. It can be easy to say “we are going back home on vacation.” No more.

The Connecticut girl in me has never said gosh darn it. I don’t say hecka, hella or dang. But as I stand here tonight, measuring out zone block dinners for Brian and I literally exclaimed “Gosh Darn It.”

These are unprecedented times. Not even just for CrossFit or the Fitness industry. I just had a conversation with a 15 year old kid who said that since he has nothing else to do, he is going to focus on health and fitness, exercising more and not drinking soda. My heat hurts and soars at the same time.

While I don’t know where our future lies, I know how much WE care. WE are coaches, WE are Crossfit Oakdale. We are the people who NEED to stay healthy so we can stay happy.

We have limited our class sizes. Please make sure to sign up.

WE are going to ask for a lot right now. WE live to serve you. WE want to serve you in the future. Meaning, after all of this is over. In order to do that, we need your continued support. Our doors are open until someone shuts us down. We will continue to hold adult classes until we can’t. Even if it means smaller class sizes and more of them. PLEASE continue this journey with us. Join our Facebook Group Crossfit Oakdale Strong. Create a Mindbody account and sign up for classes. If you are feeling a little under the weather, try one of our at home WODs.

Going forward we will be suspending our Kids and Teens classes AT the gym. We will posting online workouts for all of them! We can loan our hurdles and jump ropes for your child. Text Alison at 209-345-4380 for pickup information. For this we are following the guidance of the Stanislaus County School District. We may utilize this time for an extra adult class in the near future.

Our “Little People” area is being maintained, but we ask that if you don’t need to bring your child, please keep them home.

Thank you so much for your continued support, hand washing and love.

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Workout of the Day

8 Rounds

Parking Lot Run

8 Power Cleans 185/115

At Home Workout of the Day

Run past 5 houses and Back (each house on your block is probably 120M)

Back Pack Carry with whatever weight you choose the same distance. OR put your kid on your back. Put your dog on your back. Good Luck with that.

Please post videos of all at home workouts and tag Crossfit Oakdale.