It is January 2nd…that means we are officially out of the holiday season – no more excuses for parties, cookies and drinks. So where do you go from here? Pure Pharma has put together a FREE 4 week challenge that is NOT horribly restrictive and encourages happiness. WHAT? It is called the Good Life Challenge. It started yesterday, but you can still sign up.  
Here are the rules: (from the Pure Pharma website)

  1. Eat Clean — Stay clear of artificial ingredients and eat real food. The simpler, the better. You don’t need to get restrictive. Just generally stay away from sugar, additives and inflammatory foods.
  2. Move Every Day — The human body is built to move, walk, run, jump, swim. Use your body each day in January in whatever way you choose.
  3. Recover Well — Take a break. It won’t set you back. In fact, to get the benefit of your workouts, your immune system and muscles need a proper rest.
  4. Stay Balanced — Search and find the balance in your life. Be good but also break the rules occasionally. Challenge yourself, find happiness, be good to yourself and be the best you that you can be.

Within this challenge, you can post on Instagram something about your day and tag #goodlifechallenge and @purepharma for weekly prizes. The first week is a fancy schmancy blender!
The Pure Pharma blog is a wealth of information – the article from New Year’s Eve is perfect in case you are unsure what clean eating means. I LOVE that it is based on you and not what you CAN’T eat. Please READ! CrossFit Oakdale will match up buddies to stay accountable. You will have to get in touch with your buddy once a day (minimum) and give them a food tip, a “don’t forget to drink some water” or just a “Hey! Keep up the good work.”
I will check in with you weekly to see how everything is going. Let me know if you are in!


HEY! Have you heard of Headspace? LOL I am pretty sure you have. It is a great way to unwind at the end of the day OR start your day in the right perspective. Different categories that range for anxiety to creativity will cover all of the bases.

Workout of the Day
Handstand Practice
4 rounds
1 Minute on 1 Minute off 
For handstand holders, try to hold for 20, rest for 10 and repeat. For walkers, how far can you walk in a minute?
On the Minute for 30 minutes
Minutes 0-10
Row for Calories
Minutes 10-20
Minutes 20-30
Kettlebell Swings