Getting Ready for the Open – Did you sign up yet?


Getting Ready for the Open – Did you sign up yet?

Next week is the start of the Open. We will be programming the Open WOD for Friday’s WOD so if you thought you weren’t going to participate, find you should just sign up! You will also have a chance to do it on Saturdays at 10am or Open Gym Sundays 1-3pm. Thursdays at 6:30pm will be our preview night – just a few hours after the release. There will be a break from the Intro classes until after the Open.
If you are interested in the Intro Classes please sign up online through the Facebook Event specific to the Intro Class.

These ladies were "Jonesworthy" on Wednesday Morning.

These ladies were “Jonesworthy” on Wednesday Morning.

Workout of the Day
Bear Complex
The Bear complex consists of a Clean, page a Front Squat, ask a Shoulder to Overhead anyhow, a transition to the back, a Back Squat and a Behind the Neck to Overhead.  You may “streamline” the bear by doing a Squat Clean to Thruster to the back, then a Back Squat into Thruster (also called a rack Thruster).
Spend 15 minutes practicing and gaining confidence with the bear complex. Find the good places to rest and re-grip – this is different for everyone.  Take special care in the transition for the push jerk to back squat transition – this is taking the bar and putting it on your shoulders.
3 Bear Complex 135/95
10 Burpees