Getting Ready for 2016


Getting Ready for 2016

We hope you had a nice weekend.  Alison and I did our best to eat our way through Monterey.

Due to New Years, see this will be an abbreviated week – normal training hours on Monday through Wednesday.  On New Years Eve – Thursday – there is only 1 class, at 9am, but there will be Open Gym until noon.  On New Years Day, there is only 1 class – at 12pm.  Normal hours (9a and 10a) on Saturday.

I always complain about “12 days or Christmas” WODs, but I found a pretty decent one from a Rogue CrossFit gym in Ohio.  We may give that a go on Thursday or Friday.  Clean and Jerk work on Monday, Back Squat work on Tuesday.


Workout of the Day


Week 6 of 6 (Part 2)

2 Clean and Jerk OTM for 7 minutes

Take 10 minutes to build to your working weight.  70-80% for the final week.



12 Wallball Shots 20/14

3 Cleans

3 Shoulder to Overhead

Men 165, Ladies 113 (that’s a 25 and 15 on each side)