Franniversary VI is in the Books!


Franniversary VI is in the Books!

Fran VI was a great day at CrossFit Oakdale!  Thank you to all the Judges and Volunteers that made it a successful event.  Our Judges held the standard all day long through all kinds of tests.  A huge thank you to Gloria, Denny, Bob, Tricia, Jessica, June, Wendy, Pat, John L. and Christine for your energy judging for heat after heat.  Desiree and Robin were a pit crew dream team. Austin, Victoria keep the score cards moving and the leaderboard updated. Michele was a t-shirt organizing and check in professional. Kate  & Ashly moved tri tip and and Will was a outstanding demo boy.
The 2017 Franniversary winners are:

  1. Mariah Reyes and Jordan Eldridge, CrossFit Envy/Davis
  2. Alex Squared, Alex Colla and Alex Oberman, CrossFit Sav Up
  3. Gnar Doggies, Adrian Encina and Raff Sencion, GnarDog CrossFit


  1. Gnar Shots, Julio Campos, Eric Galvan, GnarDog CrossFit
  2. Cheese and Chips, Ryan Aragon and Brian Fiscalini, Hidden Alley CrossFit
  3. T&T, GnarDog CrossFit

The Spirit of the Franniversary Recipient was Antonio Cabrera from GnarDog CrossFit.

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
5 sets of 5, 55% of 1RM
35 Doubleunders
20 Situps