Franiversary is OVER!


Franiversary is OVER!

Franiversary IV is over!

First and foremost, buy more about thank you to the CrossFit Oakdale community for putting on an unforgettable event.  Thank you to the judges, viagra sale runners, set up crew and anyone from the CrossFit Oakdale family that participated.  Alison and I heard many wonderful comments throughout the day – athletes were challenged in a fun, competitive way and most left with a smile on their face (probably because the didn’t  throw up after the Gauntlet or Rahoi.)  Smiling faces after laying it all on the line – we hope that’s the CrossFit Oakdale way.

Heavyweight Podium

Heavyweight Podium

Intercontinental Podium

Intercontinental Podium

Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, Week 4 of 6


2 Snatch OTM for 7 minutes

Take 10 minus to warm up to a working weight.  If you are comfortable, add 5-10# to your last effort.



7 Snatch

7 Overhead Squat

7 Lateral Burpees

Men 75, Ladies 53