Breakin' it down


Breakin' it down

The Franiversary showed us once again that competition brings out the best in many athletes and that the level of fitness in the CrossFit community continues to rise.

First off, troche everybody broke our “Deadlift Rahoi” scoreboard.  We put 12 rounds on the scorecard, and most teams pushed into some went well beyond the 12th round.  This forced judges to get creative in how they marked the scores.  I expected some high scores, but we saw more than 10 teams break 13 rounds, and 5 teams broke 15 rounds, and at least 3 teams broke 16.  That means they were busting rounds in 45 seconds.

Second, in a competition in 2015, “scaled” is a relative term.  I have seen “scaled” athletes front squat 315 pounds for reps in the last year at local competitions.  On Saturday, in the finals, every team completed well over 30 Clean in Jerks (some completed nearly 50 reps) in our Death by Grace finals (along with nearly 50 burpees).  In their 6th workout of the day, the movements were crisp and efficient, allowing athletes to go deep into the pain cave.

So, we have seen work capacity go up.  Guess what?  So have the skills.  In our HW finals, we required teams to complete an Unbroken 20 foot Handstand walk BEFORE they could begin doing Muscleups.  I was honestly concerned that we might have teams bonk and be unable to complete  a round if they had a HS walking deficiency.  In literally 50 handstand walks, I saw ONE TEAM fail to complete a HS walk – in the 7th or 8th round.  In 50 attempts, athletes completed the walks 49 TIMES!!!  The team that fell immediately got back up and completed their walk unbroken.  Not to mention that all athletes completed Muscleups in bunches.

Tomorrow, we’ll highlight some outstanding performances from CrossFit Oakdale athletes.


Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, Week 4 of 6

Clean Grip Deficit Deadlift

3 sets of 6

Front Squat

4 sets of 3

If you are comfortable, add 5-10# to last weeks lifts.



80 Foot Walking Lunge

40 Doubleunders

20 Pullups

If you complete 5 rounds in under 12 minutes, stop and record your time.