Fran IV Update


Fran IV Update

The standards video will be posted tomorrow evening – we have a few more movements to cover. The final heat schedule will be emailed out this evening. 
December is going to be an exciting month:
December 5th – Franniversary IV :Girls Gone Bad with D-Meat Barrel on site for food (bring your cash)
December 12th – Ladies Holiday Bunco – Sign up here!
December 19th  – CFO Christmas Party at CrossFit Oakdale – RSVP Here. This is possibly our PREMIERE event of the year. $10 for dinner for adults and $5 for kids. $25 max on the White Elephant. Kids White Elephant is a $10 max.
Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, sildenafil Week 3 of 6

Clean and Jerks, more about 2 OTM for 7

Take 10 minutes to built to approximately 70% of 1RM (or more if you are comfortable).


With a 10 minute clock

Clean and Jerk 165/110

Do 1 Clean and Jerk every 15 seconds for 7 minutes.  That is 28 Clean and Jerks.  For minute 7-8, rest.

From minutes 8-10 perform as many Clean and Jerks as possible in 2 minutes